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Van Taylor Honors Memorial Day

Location: Unknown

Van Taylor Honors Memorial Day

Marine Veteran Remembers our Nation's Fallen

WACO - This Memorial Day, Iraq War veteran and United States Marine, Major Van Taylor honors those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in our nation's military. Taylor released the following statement on this day of remembrance.

Today is the day that America remembers families of those who serve, those who serve themselves, those injured in service, but most of all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our nation.

As a Marine in Iraq, we kept the creed "leave no man behind." On March 28, 2003 Marines from my platoon came under fire as they recovered the bodies of several Marines previously categorized as MIA. We found them in their disabled armored vehicle, their bodies burned almost beyond recognition.

Enemy gunfire would not stop us from recovering their bodies and saying a prayer for the fallen. Bringing their shattered bodies home gave a final homage to better men than us.

Today, we remember to give thanks to the few and the many that made our freedom possible. We remember the families that bear that burden today and everyday.

During the war to liberate Iraq, Taylor's platoon encountered and defeated several Fedayeen ambushes, participated in the operation to rescue American P.O.W. Jessica Lynch and rescued 31 wounded men-under-fire during a counter attack by several thousand Iraqi soldiers. Van was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal with "V" for Valor, the Combat Action Ribbon, and the Presidential Unit Citation.

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