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Three Years After the Return of his Platoon From Iraq

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Three Years after the Return of his Platoon from Iraq

Van Taylor Remembers Sacrifices Made then and Now.

WACO- - Van Taylor, Iraq War combat veteran, United States Marine and Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Texas' 17th District remembers the sacrifice of the men and women with whom he served, and those of the military and their families still serving today.

"We each made a contribution to the secure future of our country during our time overseas far from home," said Taylor. "But as we came home to our families we remembered the blessing of freedom earned by so many fighting men and women for generations before us. As we came back to Texas that day, we saw again what we had fought for so far away, and cherished it all the more for the risks we had taken and sacrifices we made to protect the promise of America. I also pray for the safe return of those troops still defending our great nation abroad, whose sacrifices should be a daily reminder of the cost of freedom."

Taylor continued, "I also returned home to the arms of a woman that sent me a letter every day I was gone. Her letters sustained me in battle and we are now married and raising two little girls here in Central Texas. I want to go to Washington and fight for an America that is not under attack by terrorists, swimming in federal red ink, and overrun by illegal aliens."

Van volunteered for duty with the Marine Corps' C Company, 4th Reconnaissance Battalion and was activated to fight in Iraq where he fought with the 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company. As a Captain, Van led missions behind enemy lines for the 4500 Marine Task Force Tarawa, including the leadership of the Task Force's first platoon to enter Iraq before the start of the main invasion.

During the war to liberate Iraq, Van's platoon encountered, and defeated, several Fedayeen ambushes, participated in the operation to rescue American P.O.W. Jessica Lynch and rescued 31 wounded men-under-fire during a counter attack by several thousand Iraqi soldiers. Van was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal with "V" for Valor, the Combat Action Ribbon, and the Presidential Unit Citation.

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