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Congressional Candidate Visits Madisonville

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Congressional candidate visits Madisonville

By Dave Lewis
Madisonville Meteor
Tuesday , August 08, 2006

Republican candidate Van Taylor, who is seeking the District 17 Congressional seat in the November general election, spent Monday in Madisonville shaking hands and visiting with voters about issues he considers paramount.

Taylor drives about 1,000 miles a week across the 12 counties he hopes to represent. He is on the second set of tires on his pickup, and has had to have his boots reheeled from all the walking he has done throughout his campaign thus far.
According to Taylor, people he talked with in Madison County are concerned about the war in Iraq, illegal immigrants and taxes - as are people almost everywhere else he has visited.

"I don't see myself running against anyone but for something," said Taylor, a seventh generation Texan with a distinguished military career as a Marine captain. "I'm excited to run in this congressional race. This is a great place to raise a family, and I'm thrilled with the support from people across the district, especially the support I've received in Madison County."

Taylor, who defeated Tucker Anderson in the Republican Primary in March, is seeking the seat now held by Democrat Chet Edwards.

If he succeeds, he wants to do something to rein in federal spending and help push for a balanced federal budget.

"We need budgets that mean something. Texas has a balanced budget, Madison County has a balanced budget, Madisonville has a balanced budget and families have balanced budgets. We need to send people to Washington to rein in federal spending. We don't need anymore bridges to nowhere," Taylor said.

The tax situation needs attention as well, Taylor added.

"I'm concerned about lower taxes for working families. Lower taxes helps raise more money and boost the economy and let families keep more of what they earn," he said.

As for illegal immigration, Taylor says he is the only candidate who has had military experience along the Texas-Mexico border, allowing him to see first hand what the problems are in that area.

While on active duty in Iraq, Taylor led one of the platoons involved in the rescue of Jessica Lynch. He also volunteered to lead two platoons to rescue 31 soldiers surrounded and cut off in the midst of the largest Iraqi offensive of the war.

"We all thought it would be the last thing we ever did, but with the Lord's blessing, we brought all of them back to their families," Taylor said.

Among the counties in the 17th District Taylor hopes to represent are Madison, Grimes, Brazos, McLennan and parts of Robertson and Burleson.

Taylor is a native of Midland, an Eagle Scout and owns a real estate investment business in the town of West, just north of Waco.

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