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Why Am I Running for Congress?

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Why am I running for Congress?

I have seen my country fundamentally change over my lifetime. The problems that we face today include out of control federal spending, loss of our rights in the name of national security, a shameful, wasteful federal tax system that no one can comprehend, and others. Many of our problems as a nation are caused by the central government ignoring the wisdom and the bounds of our Constitution.

The Constitution delegates few powers to the central government. The Founders wisely restricted the central government from many areas of our lives, knowing that needed services would be provided by the free market, or by local and state governments. They realized that the essence of government is force, and that by keeping the exercise of that force closer to the people that it affected that it could be better controlled.

If you are tired of voting for smaller government, only to see the size and scope of the central government continue to grow outside of its Constitutional limits, vote for someone with Constitutional Integrity. Vote Smither for Congress!

If you want to have a representative that works to defend your rights rather than spend your money, vote for someone with Constitutional Integrity. Vote Smither for Congress!

Please see more of my reasons for running and some of the issues I believe are important in this campaign here.

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