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Chairman King comments on U.K. terror plot

Location: Washington, DC

Chairman King comments on U.K. terror plot

Washington, D.C. (Thursday, August 10, 2006)-Today, U.S. Representative Peter T. King (R-NY), Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, commented on the alleged United Kingdom terrorist plot targeting planes traveling from the U.K. to sites in the United States:

"This is one of the worst threats we've seen since 9/11, and a further reminder that we must remain vigilant in defending our homeland and winning the War on Terror," Chairman King said. "This was a very real, very imminent threat to the security of both the United States and the United Kingdom, and I applaud Britain's security and intelligence forces as well as our own for disrupting this very dangerous terror cell. This was a classic case of seamless communication between British and American intelligence agencies.

"This investigation is ongoing, and I expect more arrests to be made. But make no mistake-stopping this plot will have saved thousands of American and British lives. Once again, we've seen that al-Qaeda and similar terrorist groups will stop at nothing to strike at innocent civilians worldwide, especially Americans; and we must ensure that our homeland security forces remain one step ahead of them.

"I again thank the British security forces, as well as our own, for their outstanding work in disrupting this terrorist plot. One of our biggest accomplishments since 9/11 has been increased intelligence-sharing and cooperation with our allies, especially Great Britain. They have been and continue to be an invaluable ally in the War on Terror."

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