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LoBiondo, Saxton Outraged by New Security Breach at VA

Location: Washington, DC

LoBiondo, Saxton Outraged by New Security Breach at VA

Personal Information on Contractor's Computer Stolen, Could Affect Philadelphia-South Jersey Area Veterans

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Congressmen Frank LoBiondo (NJ-02) and Jim Saxton (NJ-03) today expressed outrage at a new security breach within the Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA), where sensitive, personal information of veterans living in the Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and South Jersey areas could be compromised. Earlier this week, the VA was notified that a computer was stolen from a VA contractor's desk. Local, state and federal law enforcement - including the Federal Bureau of Investigation - are currently conducting the investigation to retrieve the stolen information. The VA notified the Congressmen's offices late Friday about the breach.

"I am angered and outraged that while our veterans protect our nation's security, our nation is unable to protect their personal information," LoBiondo blasted. "Twice in three months our veterans' personal information is found in peril. Decisive action must be taken now to install the necessary security protocols and prevent future breaches. Congressman Saxton and I will closely follow the VA and law enforcement's efforts to recover the stolen information while examining legislative options to enhance security protocols at the Department."


Previously, LoBiondo and Saxton co-sponsored H.R. 5520, the "Veterans' Identity Protection Act," which would ensure veterans have proper recourse if their personal information was mishandled by the VA. Introduced in direct response to the May security breach, the legislation was authored by Representative Heather Wilson (NM-01), who is the only woman veteran currently serving in Congress.


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