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Perry: SH 121 Bypass Is Landmark in Texas Transportation

Location: Coppell

Perry: SH 121 Bypass Is Landmark in Texas Transportation

COPPELL - Gov. Rick Perry today dedicated the opening of State Highway 121 Bypass, calling it a landmark in the history of Texas transportation.

"It is the first road to be completed as a project stemming from legislation passed in 2003 that has allowed Texas to develop new and better ways to pay for highway construction," Perry said. "And State Highway 121 will be the Texas Department of Transportation's first all-electronic toll road, with no toll booths to slow traffic down or contribute to accidents and no hassle of digging around for spare change."

Although the bypass, also known as the Golden Corridor, was built as a toll road, motorists will continue to be allowed to drive on the road at no charge throughout the fall as TxDOT tests the new electronic toll-tag readers.

"This announcement means that drivers will not only have a few extra months to enjoy a toll-quality road without the cost, they will also have more time to get an electronic TxTag sticker, which gives drivers a 10 percent discount on the Golden Corridor and every other toll road in Texas," Perry said.

Motorists who use the North Texas Tollway Authority's TollTag or the Harris County Toll Road Authority's EZ TAG won't need a new sticker. And those who would rather pay per trip will still be able to drive on State Highway 121, thanks to new technology that will allow them to get a bill by mail, although the cost will be a little more.

"By leveraging the latest technology and the resources of the private sector, SH 121 will provide North Texans a route that is faster, safer and more efficient - as well as funding for additional road improvements in this part of the state," Perry said.

Toll revenue from the 121 Bypass will help provide the $200 million it will cost to widen I-35 East through Denton County, the $80 million reconstruction project of FM 423, and many other projects that will help get traffic moving in North Texas.
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