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We must amend the Constitution to defend traditional marriage from being undermined by activist judges. The bedrock of American society is the family, and it is traditional marriage that undergirds the American family. But recent court decisions have proven that courts are usurping the role of legislatures by imposing their own definitions of marriage on the people.

I whole-heartedly support the passage of the Allard Amendment to allow the American people — rather than a few activist judges — to define this fundamental unit of our society.

In addition, it is my belief that adhering strictly to the Constitution and the system of government our Founders outlined is the best guarantee of the freedoms we cherish as Americans. We need legislators, judges, and citizens who understand the view of the Constitution envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

I believe strongly in the freedoms enshrined in our Bill of Rights, and that it is the duty of every American to uphold those freedoms. But I also believe that these rights are sometimes misinterpreted by over-reaching judges. We should not take freedom of speech so far as to mean that pornographers may target our children. And we should not turn freedom of religion on its head, reasoning that all references to God must be removed from public life.

Our Constitution is an inspired document that has preserved the unity of our nation, protected the rights of its citizens, and made America a beacon of freedom and prosperity for the world. I consider my pledge to defend the Constitution, and all that it stands for, to be among my most sacred duties.

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