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Message From Mazie 8/14/06

Location: Unknown

Message from Mazie 8/14/06


This past week I've been in Hilo meeting people at the Farmers Market, talking with kapuna at senior meal sites, and participating in third of many candidate forums. Then I made it to Maui - which was a struggle with the new airport security rules of this past week - where I had several interviews and then attended Gladys Basia's fundraiser. Saturday I was back on the Big Island for the Filipino Chamber of Commerce event.

The bombing threats in London this week highlight the important role of government in providing real security.

Too often, conservative Republicans define security in the narrowest way possible. But to me - and to progressive Democrats - security means much more than that. It includes environmental security, healthcare security, and international security. Protecting our natural resources, providing quality healthcare for all and promoting a foreign policy based on cooperation and diplomacy rather than unilateral actions based on faulty information will be my priorities.

Mazie Hirono for Congress

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