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Fogarty Discloses Income Tax Return

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Fogarty discloses income tax return

The lieutenant governor and gubernatorial candidate urgers others to do the same, but Governor Carcieri says he fills out all the disclosure forms required by law.

03:33 PM EDT on Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Journal State House Bureau

NORTH PROVIDENCE -- Lt. Gov. Charles J. Fogarty is pushing for more disclosure from public officials and he's starting with himself.
By the numbers

Lt. Gov. Charles J. Fogarty

Income: $71,954

Federal taxes: $9,859

State taxes: $2,731

Refund: $3,841

The Democratic candidate for governor voluntarily released copies of his state and federal income tax returns yesterday, showing that he earned almost $72,000 last year and paid $9,859 in federal taxes and $2,731 in state taxes. He overpaid both taxes and received $3,841 in refunds.

Fogarty said the move was part of a larger plan to strip away the "cloud of corruption" in the state and restore people's confidence in government.

Republican Governor Carcieri refused to release his returns, saying that he fills out all the disclosure forms required by law.

"The governor does not believe that tax returns are necessary to judge the fitness of an elected official," said Carcieri spokesman Jeff Neal.

Fogarty, however, said: "When you're in public office -- particularly when you hold high public office -- you do not have the same rights of privacy as other citizens."

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