Klippert Launches Senate Campaign

By:  Brad Klippert
Location: Unknown

Klippert Launches Senate Campaign

Surrounded by the pillars of the veteran's memorial at Columbia Park, Benton County Sheriff's Deputy Brad Klippert launched his campaign for the U.S. Senate last week at a brief press conference. Klippert says he is running "because I am compelled by the erosion of the moral fiber in America. … It is high time for a return to the values that made this country the greatest and most powerful in the world." Klippert has been in law enforcement for 12 years, and has also served in the National Guard and Army Reserve for more than 18 years as a pilot. He teaches part time at Columbia Basin College and is also a licensed minister.
Klippert agreed to answer the following questions for the TriCities Republic:

What is your position regarding the Patriot Act, specifically addressing the recent
wiretapping issue?
"If our President and those assigned to ensure our national security have a genuine
reason to believe they need to wiretap
my phone to ensure national security, that's okay
with me. I have nothing to hide. National security is first to protect our citizens and our
way of life. Sometimes it is necessary to curtail some personal rights for the greater good
of our nation and national security."
What is your position regarding the delays and cuts in the funding for the Waste
Treatment Plant?:
"We had a good thing going for the community, both economically and
environmentally, but then some bureaucratic entity felt that the plans needed to be
changed to make it stronger in the event of a severe earthquake. It's a Vit plant, not a
nuclear reactor. Excessive regulation killed the Energy Northwest power plants and now
they're threatening to do the same for the Vit plant by doubling or tripling its
cost. Reduce the bureaucracy and get the job done."
What is your opinion on the death penalty? "Once a jury decides that the right
person was convicted and appeals have been exhausted, the sentence should be carried
out swiftly. I strongly support the death penalty."
If you are elected to the Senate, how will you differ from Sen. Cantwell in
legislating for the Hanford clean up? "Clean up is important and should continue in a
reasonable manner. However, the prosperity of our people, our state and future
generations is equally, if not more, important. I am very much in favor of safe, clean
nuclear energy and nuclear medicine, such as what the Fast Flux Test Facility could have
provided. We need to complete unfinished Energy Northwest power plants or build
newer and better replacements and Hanford is a perfect site."
What is your opinion on the National Energy Strategy, and what energy sources
would you emphasize to reduce the dependence upon foreign petroleum? "Open the
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas production as soon as possible, safely and
with minimal environmental impact. Promote energyefficient
agriculture, biotechnology,
safe/clean nuclear energy while reducing the bureaucracy to encourage more refineries,
thus increasing supply to meet or exceed demand, thereby lowering cost to consumers."
What issues do you intend to address to appeal to voters from western
Washington? I will support and encourage business/industrial growth and prosperity.
I'll support: the timber industry and its workers; the fishing industry; less government —
lower taxes; a stronger stance on crime for safer communities. And a return to the moral
ethos of our founding fathers: One nation under God. Plus, marriage is one man, and one
Do you intend to use your Christian affiliation to appeal to voters? I am a
Christian, but we as a nation and a people of the United States, must all be "one nation
under (trusting in) God." That's what gave birth to our country, has preserved us in past
and must be faithfully depended upon to preserve us in the future."
In your opinion, what are the strengths of the State of Washington? What are the
weaknesses? Some of our greatest strengths are our hardworking
Washingtonians, our
natural resources (including our fantastic agricultural industry) and our wonderful
seaports, railways, and transportation industries. Our ethnic diversity helps us connect
with markets for our products all over the world. Our greatest weakness is the
bureaucratic red tape that keeps us from reaching our full potential in a timely manner."
What should be the government's relationship to business? Should government be
more involved or take a laissezfaire
attitude? "Government should encourage, make
way for and empower business growth and prosperity. It must simply ensure that business
is legal, moral, ethical and safe, especially for employees. Don't stifle it."
What function do you believe the federal government should delegate to state and
city government? "Everything that is not the specific responsibility of the Federal
government, that is, to comply with the 10th Amendment to the Constitution."
Why do you think you can win an election against Sen. Cantwell when you were
unsuccessful in your bid for Sen. Murray's seat? "First of all, I will have a much
longer, more informative campaign. I feel called to run for this Senate seat. I believe that
there are hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians like myself who are looking for a
leader to do whatever they can to stop the moral degradation of our nation and ensure that
we remain one nation under God — and one that will make more beneficial use of our
resources and economic potential."
How will this campaign differ from your campaign in 2004? Who are your party
opponents and what advantage do you have? "This will be a longer, more informative
campaign, unhindered by my previous military deployment. My primary opponent, Mr.
McGavich, has made a living in corporate America within the insurance industry while I
have been a public servant in military, law enforcement, education, ministry, emergency
service and hospital environments — out there with everyday people where they live and
What would you do for farm worker housing? Would you support a bill to
subsidize the building of housing for farm workers? "I would reduce the red
tape associated with temporary housing requirements for migrant workers that is placed
on farmers. I would not support a bill to subsidize farm worker housing, but I would
empower farmers to provide better temporary facilities, possibly with tax incentives."
What is your position on President Bush's immigration reform bill? "I support
President Bush's immigration reform bill but, just as Doc Hastings said, you must allow
for temporary legal farm workers."
What is your position on the proposed bill to build a wall extending across the
border between the United States and Mexico? "I am sad that it has become necessary
to consider such a measure, but if that is what it takes to protect America and its citizens,
I support the idea."
What is your position on the proposed bill disallowing the citizenship of babies
who were born in the United States, but born to illegal immigrants? "Although I
understand the appeal of the concept, as a strong supporter of the U.S. Constitution, we
must first consider and resolve issues involving the 14th Amendment."
What are you doing to reach out to the 500,000 Hispanic voters in the state of
Washington? "My plan is to reach out to all Washington voters (including all Hispanic
voters), regardless of race or ethnic origin. I strongly believe that my platform supports
the fundamental family values and beliefs of our Hispanic community."
What issues are going to be the centerpiece of your campaign? "One nation under
God, personal responsibility and accountability, national security, strong law
enforcement/public safety, growth and prosperity, and the future of America."
If you could speak to one voter, what one reason would you give to influence them
to vote for you? "I am not a politician, per se. I am a leader who has spent many years in
public service in the military, law enforcement, education, church ministry and public
safety. I don't plan on asking people to vote for me; rather, I plan to show them that my
experience, leadership and platform make me the best choice to serve them as their U.S.
How do you intend to increase your name familiarity? "By a media tour throughout
the state, scheduling news conferences along the way to talk with voters about my
platform, together with newspaper, radio and television interviews."
You confess to being a Biblebelieving
Christian. If, as the Bible says, the world
will become more unfriendly to Christ and Christianity, before eventually yielding
to Christs kingdom, why do you want to be part of government which will be
replaced? "Christ urged His followers to be salt and light to the world. God commanded
us to be strong and courageous. As a Christian man and a citizen of this wonderful state, I
am extremely dissatisfied and concerned about the direction our state and country are
headed concerning moral issues. Now, I can either sit back, complain and do nothing
about it or, as I am choosing to do, I can get on the front lines and be a leader fighting for
truth and righteousness."
Klippert, 48, is married, has two daughters, and is in the process of adopting a son. He
is originally from Sunnyside and holds several college degrees.
The Republican has never held elected state or federal office. He was unsuccessful in
his bid to be the 2004 Republican candidate — to George Nethercutt — for the senate
seat now held by Democratic Sen. Patty Murray.
Klippert recently was instrumental in getting 70 additional bulletproof
vests for
Oregon National Guard troops deployed to Afghanistan.


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