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Research Holds Best Chance For Medical Breakthrough

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Research Holds Best Chance For Medical Breakthrough

Peter Goldmark issued a statement in support of stem cell research and advancing technologies in medical science Wednesday.

"Stem cell research holds the promise of revolutionizing the treatment of painful degenerative diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's," Goldmark said. "I value the dignity of every human life. When I see suffering and disease, I want to throw every resource we have into solving these puzzles and improving lives."

Eastern Washington's current congressional representative, Cathy McMorris, has opposed stem cell research, voting against a 2005 bill that eventually passed the House. President Bush vetoed the bill Wednesday.

"Cathy McMorris has turned a cold shoulder to Eastern Washington families by not supporting this research," Goldmark said. "Now President Bush is attempting to drag the nation back from the doorstep of scientific opportunity. McMorris and Bush have shown they are clearly out of touch with the real needs of families."

Goldmark has conducted extensive genetics and wheat breeding research at his Okanogan ranch. He holds a doctorate in molecular biology.

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