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Agricultural Revitalization

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Agricultural Revitalization

I've been a wheat and cattle rancher for 33 years, and every day I see the struggle that farmers face to make a living. Fuel and fertilizer prices are skyrocketing while the price of wheat has dropped. Most countries help their farmers through rough times like these, but our government has chosen to ignore us.

As a pilot, I've had a chance to fly over the vast farming regions of the inland Northwest. I've seen the orchards of close friends laid to waste, trees cut down in dried up fields. I believe the time to act decisively is now--we can't afford to wait another day. In Congress, I will stop the pattern of sitting by idly and watching as farmer after farmer goes bankrupt.

Eastern Washington farmers have my pledge:

* I will work to ease the burden on Eastern Washington farmers by developing an energy credit to help them recover some of their increased costs.
* I will vigorously work to raise the soft white wheat loan rate.
* I will fight for increased federal spending on agricultural research.
* I will work to create incentives for agriculturalists who choose to produce crops like canola that can be used to generate alternative fuels while benefiting the farmer at the same time.

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