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Economic Accountability

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Economic Accountability

You and I could live pretty well off our credit cards--for awhile. But eventually the day will come when we have to face our bills and pay our creditors. My kids will tell you that I'm pretty careful with a dollar. I run a tight financial operation on my ranch. I take care of my equipment and make sure that my workers do the same. The books are balanced at the end of every pay day.

It doesn't take an economic genius to figure out that Washington, D.C. has gotten ahold of the credit cards and gone on a spending frenzy. Four of the largest federal deficits in history have come in the last five years of the Bush administration--much of it to pay for our occupation in Iraq.

In human terms, the Bush Administration, with support from congressional followers like Cathy McMorris, has charged up a $25,000 debt for every man, woman, and child in the country. A family of four has more than $100,000 of government debt as their share. Our children will have to pay this off, one way or another.

The money our government has spent on Iraq in the last four years could have sent every college-aged student in America through college on a full scholarship. Here's how I think we should be investing in our future:

* I believe we can best support our troops by working to end the military occupation of Iraq. The drain of federal resources cannot continue indefinitely.
o See my related position statement on Iraq
* I will work to see that Congress reasserts its oversight role in investigating waste and fraud in government, at all levels, in all federal agencies.
* I will support Congressional hearings on waste and fraud in domestic disaster relief efforts.
* I will support efforts to move toward energy independence and economic revitalization through renewable energy alternatives.

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