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Protecting Our Seniors: Eastern Washington's Backbone

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Protecting Our Seniors: Eastern Washington's Backbone

As I meet folks in many Eastern Washington communities, I see a heritage of commitment to the land and to the people who have worked and lived here for generations. Not only were our towns and cities built by the efforts of today's seniors, but their continued participation in our churches, communities and organizations make them the backbone of Eastern Washington civic life.

I'm determined to protect the quality of life they've earned through the years.

* I'll oppose any effort to privatize Social Security or undermine its benefits.
* I'll push to simplify and change the new Medicare prescription drug program so that it benefits seniors more than the big drug companies.
* I'll work to make it easier for families to pass on their farms and small businesses to younger generations-so the legacy they have invested here can pay dividends for future generations.
* I'll work to assure that Medicare Part D is written for the patient and not for the insurance companies. Let's make our healthcare forms simple enough that real people can apply and use these programs.
* I'll work to keep Social Security funds separate from the rest of the federal budget and to ensure that funds are invested properly for the beneficiaries.
* I'll work to stop the creep of the minimum retirement age for Social Security beneficiaries. People should not have to work until they drop.
* I'll push to hold employers accountable to provide the pensions they promise to their workers and to keep these pension funds safe, regardless of what happens with the business.

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