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Our Nation's Security Linked To Veterans' Promises

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Our Nation's Security Linked To Veterans' Promises

"Our nation is secure only when it follows through on the promises made to its veterans." Peter Goldmark spoke to veterans and families gathered at Spokane's Riverfront Park Friday to honor America's active duty overseas personnel.

"We must maintain a strong military and secure borders and ports," Goldmark said. "Not only must we continue to protect our families from the threat of terrorists, we need additional equipment and technology protecting our northern border from the threat of drug smuggling."

"My opponent talks about port security, yet she voted twice to allow Dubai to purchase U.S. ports," Goldmark said. [Votes #18 and #21 on HR4167]

He noted that McMorris voted against expanding the military's TRICARE health insurance program to include thousands of reservist and National Guard members [HR1815]. "Despite the fact that nearly 433,000 members of the National Guard and Reserves have been called up for active duty over the last two and one-half years, her record shows she thinks they do not deserve equal benefits, and I say that's wrong," Goldmark said.

Goldmark's opponent also voted against an increase in veterans' health benefits that would have supported artificial limb research and combat-related trauma care [HR2528]. "America's leaders are sending troops into dangerous situations and then ignoring them when they come home injured, and I say that's wrong!"

A cluster of 100 flags decorated a knoll at the park, each flag representing about 3000 active duty personnel currently serving overseas.

"We are pausing a few moments from the busy schedule of the week, from the busy schedule of the campaign, to say to our military, 'Thank you-thank you for risking, thank you for caring, thank you for the sacrifices you are making on our behalf,'" Goldmark concluded.

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