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Issue Position - Conserving Our Air, Water & Land

Issue Position

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Issue Position - Conserving Our Air, Water & Land

Amy with her husband, John, biking in Superior National Forest
I grew up in a family that values the outdoors. My grandpa, from northern Minnesota, was an avid hunter. My dad is a bicyclist, mountain climber and all-around adventurer. My mom likes to fish and hike. I always took long bike rides across Minnesota with my dad and fished with my grandpa. Growing up, I never spent a family vacation that didn't include a tent or a cabin. It is our responsibility to pass on this Minnesota way of life to the next generation.

Minnesotans know that preserving our traditions of hunting, fishing and camping requires responsible stewardship over our natural resources. Enjoying our environment is part of who we are as Minnesotans. Over 43 percent of Minnesotans go boating, 30 percent go fishing, 29 percent like to bike, 26 percent go camping and 16 percent like to hunt. Each year anglers spend more than $1.8 billion in Minnesota on fishing-related recreation. That includes $50 million on bait alone!

We need a clean environment not just for recreation but also for a strong economy. Strong, healthy and prosperous communities in Minnesota depend on maintaining our proud heritage of conservation, clean water and clean air. In a state that depends on clean water for our health, our industry and our tourism, we should be able to eat the fish that we catch.

The priorities in Washington need to change.
As your U.S. Senator, here's what I'll fight for:

• I will fight for federal policies that help to conserve our air, water and land for future generations. The current administration in Washington is turning back the clock and reversing the hard-won, bipartisan progress that's been achieved over the past several decades. I oppose this Administration's efforts to weaken the Clean Air Act.

• I will fight for a national strategy to address global warming and reduce greenhouse gases by developing renewable sources of fuel and by setting energy efficiency and emission standards that protect our environment and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. I will fight to expand incentives to encourage greater investment in renewable energy resources and technology. This is good for the nation and it's good for Minnesota.

• I will fight for land use policies that preserve our open spaces, farmlands and hunting lands and that protect our wetlands so we can maintain important wildlife habitats and reduce flooding dangers.

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