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Counting Down to Bush Visit, Nusbaum Highlights Iraq Issue

Location: Green Bay, WI

Counting Down to Bush Visit, Nusbaum Highlights Iraq Issue

Nancy Nusbaum, Democratic candidate for the 8th Congressional District, is counting down to Bush's visit to Northeast Wisconsin for a $1,000 a plate fundraiser for John Gard by highlighting the realities of the war in Iraq. Today, Nusbaum highlighted the failure of reconstruction in Iraq.

Corruption plagues the reconstruction effort in Iraq. The Iraqi government itself estimates that corruption alone has cost $4 billion a year. The way this administration has handed out no bid-contracts and failed to produce a comprehensive development strategy has wasted billions of our tax dollars and left Iraqis without basic services. Before the war, there were 16-24 hours of electricity a day in Baghdad; last month there were only 7.6 hours a day. Last month Iraq produced 2.2 million barrel a day, less than the 2.5 million barrels produced before the war. (Center for American Progress, 8/3/2006)

"I am from a military family and I am committed to change the failed Iraq policy of President Bush. As the wife of someone who served his country, and earned a Silver Star during his service in Vietnam, I am standing up for military families and calling for Bush to create a real plan to give Iraq back to the Iraqis so we can bring our brave men and women home and re-focus our resources where we need them most -- the war on terror and the needs of people here at home," said Nusbaum.

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