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Nusbaum Sends Letter to President Bush

Location: Green Bay, WI

Nusbaum Sends Letter to President Bush

Nancy Nusbaum, Democratic candidate for the 8th Congressional District, sent a letter to President Bush today. Nusbaum called on Bush to listen to the hardworking people of Northeast Wisconsin, not just those who attended the $1,000-a-plate fundraiser for John Gard.

The letter read as follows:

Dear President Bush:

I would like to commend you for following my lead when you were in Green Bay yesterday and showing military families the support they deserve. I spent my morning with mothers, like Karen, of soldiers in Iraq who spend their days worrying about the safety of their children. I spent time with veterans, like Jim, who struggle with rising healthcare costs and the violent images on their TVs that remind them all too often of another war. It is too bad that the families you met with were unable to join you for lunch, but I am glad that you paid respect to their sacrifice and suffering.

Mr. President, I am also disappointed that you still have no plan to help the families of soldiers in Iraq. No plan to keep their loved ones safe, bring our troops home, and provide for them when they return. Next time you are in Northeast Wisconsin, take time to listen to all the families who are affected by your failed policies, here and abroad.

Mr. President, people here in Northeast Wisconsin are outraged as they watch oil companies make billions in profits, while we pay record prices. Will you meet with working families to tell them your plan to end our addiction on foreign oil?

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