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Issue Position: National Security

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The men and women of the United States military honor us each day with their service and sacrifice. They deserve our respect, our prayers and deepest gratitude. As a member of Congress I pledge my commitment to secure what our service men and women need to fulfill their every mission in the war on terror as they safeguard our liberties.

A member of my family recently deployed for a two year mission. Like every family member who sends loved ones to serve in our Armed Forces, I want and expect Congress to provide the resources for the best training, the most up-to-date equipment, the highest qualified support team as well as continual backing so they can see their mission through to completion.

I will stand with the right of the state of Israel to defend itself against terrorist aggression by Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations. Despite repeated calls for the destruction of Israel by terrorist factions, I believe Israel, as a nation, has the right to exist.

Our courageous men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan are on the frontlines in the war on terror, but the horrific attack on 9/11 demonstrated that terrorists can bring the battlefield to our shores. For this reason, we must remain continually vigilant and ready with a broad based strategy that includes military action when necessary but also enhanced overseas intelligence capabilities, strengthened coalitions with willing partners and more effective and efficient homeland security.

This great nation faced and met global threats to our peace and security in the past and we will do so again by remaining strong and dedicated to the preservation of liberty.

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