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Martin O'Malley Declares Strong Support for Stem Cell Research Funding

Location: Baltimore, MD

Martin O'Malley Declares Strong Support for Stem Cell Research Funding

At Speech in Baltimore County, O'Malley Also Addresses Prescription Drug Costs

Speaking before a crowd of 170 seniors at the Atrium Village Senior Living Community in Owning Mills this morning, Martin
O'Malley declared his strong support for stem cell research funding as well as other issues critical to seniors such as prescription drug costs and Social Security. Today's event marked the third time this year O'Malley has expressed support about the need for Maryland to invest in stem cell research. On the last day of the legislative session, O'Malley attended a press conference in Annapolis and expressed support for public funding for stem cell research.

O'Malley stated that "we must move forward to promote stem cell research that will find cures for diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and juvenile diabetes. The governor's failure to lead this year has us falling behind states like California and Massachusetts, despite having leading institutions like Johns Hopkins University, the National Institutes of Health and the University of Maryland." O'Malley continued, "Are we moving forward or sliding back when we fail to invest in groundbreaking stem cell research that could cure us of Alzheimer's, Juvenile Diabetes and Parkinson's? Are we moving forward or sliding back when we sit and watch as precious research dollars and leading scientists move to California and Massachusetts
even though Maryland has some of the best research institutions in the world? Are we moving forward or sliding back when the current Governor has not seized the opportunity to lead in the powers of healing?"

"You and I believe in a Maryland which will be at the forefront of not only our country but the world in finding cures for the most debilitating diseases on Earth, a Maryland that can be the home of the "weapons of mass salvation.'" O'Malley also referenced Haley Koshko, who he met on Sine Die during the press conference in Annapolis. Haley is in St. Agnes Hospital because she has juvenile diabetes, and her body cannot handle viral infections. Her younger brother had the stomach flu and now Haley's blood has become acid-like, a condition called Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA).

During today's speech, O'Malley also discussed strengthening Social Security and helping seniors with prescription drug costs.
In Baltimore, all city residents, including seniors, have access to a city-sponsored prescription drug discount card to help defer the costs of prescription drugs, and other services, including, vision, hearing, diabetic supplies and daily living products.
O'Malley also discussed the Experience Corps, a collaboration of Johns Hopkins, the Greater Homewood Community Corporation, and AmeriCorps, that places seniors in local schools, where they serve as volunteers and mentors to students in grades K-3. Earlier this year, the City of Baltimore announced it would allocate an additional $250,000 to help double the size of the program in Baltimore.

Also attending today's event were Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger, Senator Paula Hollinger, Delegate Bobby Zirkin, and Delegate Dan Morheim.

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