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I have seen first hand what a well equipped and trained military force can do. Every soldier that goes into harms way should be equipped with the best equipment available, National Guard and Reserves included. Our Tier 1 units should be given every available resource to train, have distractions from training eliminated, and be equipped with state of the art equipment, for they are the "tip of the spear" and likewise, they need to be just as sharp.

An evaluation of needed weapon systems shall be done based on threats posed by our adversaries and immediate need, not on the wishes of a few Generals and Defense Contractors that want some new toys. The current acquisition system is filled with abuse and corruption, and many times, our troops do not get what they need to do their job because of the dealings of a few individuals. I have seen first hand individuals make decisions based on personal preference or political influence at the expense of our troops.

The acquisition system also takes far too long with many programs taking a decade to get fielded. While the military has taken measures to change this, a large bureaucratic structure still hampers the majority of programs.

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