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Free Trade

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Free Trade:

I'm all for free trade, as long as it is executed on a level playing field. We already have a major trade imbalance, and I simply don't see opening the doors to foreign business that don't have to follow the stringent rules U.S. employers have to follow as fair.

American employers have to contend with workplace standards overseen by OSHA. They need to have workman's comp; unemployment insurance; pay a portion of the employee's wages to Social Security and Medicare; pay numerous other taxes; and deal with stringent environmental laws. A foreign business could literally pay their employees peanuts, run a sweatshop under abhorrent conditions or even use prison labor like China does. They can pollute without worry and pay no taxes. Why should they be allowed to trade freely? It's not fair and just plain wrong. Tariffs will be based on an economic evaluation of the country and businesses wishing to do business with the U.S.. Countries with similar standards for wages, workplace safety and environmental standards will have no tariff assessed and be allowed to trade freely with the U.S., while those that abuse their employees and pollute will be prohibited from trading or assessed high tariffs.

Also, countries that create barriers to U.S. goods should not be given a free pass either. Only high tariffs and taxes will level the playing field for American businesses and workers. It's time to hold our trading partners accountable for unfair trade practices.

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