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Foreign Affairs

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Foreign Affairs:

The United States is no doubt the most generous country in the world. However, recently our generosity seems to have been taken for granted. The United Nations and the European Union, as well as many Third World countries seem to have forgotten our contribution and responses to numerous world disasters and crisis. Not only that, they have taken actions to undermine both our international credibility and our efforts to fight the global war on terror. I believe that any foreign country that is not sharply aligned, or clearly demonstrates its support of the efforts of the United States, should not benefit from the financial support of the American taxpayer, PERIOD.

Also, many of these governments are corrupt and embezzle or misappropriate money given to them by the U.S. I have seen this first hand in countries like Nigeria and South Africa, yet the U.S. continues to give them money.

I say that a strict accounting verified by inspections conducted by U.S. auditors be included in all foreign aid packages to ensure the poor people for whom the aid is intended, actually receive it.

Corrupt governments need to be held accountable, that includes the United Nations. Continued abuse, corruption, and disregard for the generosity of the hard working American taxpayers should result in suspension of aid or funding. Funding will be restored when they reform or demonstrate they are responsible.

be restored when they reform or demonstrate they are responsible.

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