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Why Run for Congress

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Why Run for Congress:

This may sound old fashioned, but the primary reason I want to run for Congress is that I love my country. I see several problems currently facing our country and several more major problems on the horizon that need someone with the courage to face them and a "common sense" approach to solve them. They can't be solved using extreme political ideology or wishful thinking, nor can they be ignored.

Career politicians however, consider their political livelihood in their decision making process and not necessarily common sense. Many politicians do not have the courage to take on the tough issues, thus they may actually be putting the country at risk; the border issue as well as ignoring the failures in intelligence and homeland security are prime examples. Many times, a "professional politician" will stall or delay facing an issue, even if it means placing the desires of the people they represent on the back burner. In some circumstances, these stalls can jeopardize our national security. The common practice of putting off important, looming, issues, for someone else to worry about in the future, when they themselves are long gone from office is nothing short of cowardly.

Another example of the lack of "intestinal fortitude," on behalf of most politicians, is they often tell the people what they think the people want to hear. Again they refrain from telling their constituents the truth and what they need to hear because this may cost them votes or produce negative media attention. I however suffer from uninhibited candor and have a tendency to tell it like it is, even if it brings criticism or is considered politically incorrect. I also have no desire to become a career politician and therefore, do not fear the media. If what I say or do does not sit well with the voters and I don't get elected, then so be it. I will not distort the facts or water down my answers for the sake of getting elected. I will not cater to the loud vocal minority at the expense of the larger majority. I will provide an air of openness that would make most politicians cringe. I have no hidden agendas to hide and I'm not afraid to point the finger at people I see as being counter productive, even if it is within my own party.

If the voters of Arizona have the guts, and I sincerely mean that, if they have the guts to elect me as their congressman, they will see true leadership in action. They will have a leader who has the courage to do the arduous and hard right over the quick and easy wrong. A leader who pulls no punches and is a straight shooter when it comes to dealing with important issues; this is what people demand and I'm the only candidate who will deliver.

Again, I freely admit I am not a professional politician, but I consider myself an experienced, seasoned and well demonstrated leader, capable of dealing with both complex problems as well as crisis.

I have no loyalties to any political or private organization that would come before my loyalty to my fellow Americans. I will not be strong armed by the political hierarchy into compromising the trust of my constituents or my core beliefs, even in exchange for political expediency or personal political gain.

I also have no affiliation, nor am I beholden to any special interest groups. I owe no one political favors or payback, and I have no obligations to any political power brokers or big wig campaign donors.

I consider myself a pure candidate in the true spirit of what our Founding Fathers envisioned: A man of the people for the people. A true representative of the will of the people he represents. Arizona's 8th district is known for being strong willed and independently minded, it needs an equally strong willed and independent leader.

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