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Antenori Discusses Iraq on Tucson Radio

Location: Tucson, AZ

Antenori Discusses Iraq on Tucson Radio

Tucson, AZ, April 9, 2006 - Frank Antenori, Republican Candidate for Congress in Arizona's Eighth Congressional District, sees recent violence in Iraq, such as the mosque suicide bombing that killed 79 and wounded more than 160, indicative of retaliatory mentality not as oft-reported civil war and reiterates we must not abandon the fledgling democracy in Iraq. He states that his firsthand experience in the war on terror will guide him in Congressional leadership on the issue.

In comments made during an interview Friday April 7th on The John C. Scott Show (KJLL, 1330AM) Antenori drawing on personal battle experience in the region said that despite what the media reports as a civil war, the violence is related to the eye-for-an-eye cultural mentality of the region: "if you punch me in the nose I'm going to punch you in the nose" he said. When asked if the United States should pull out of Iraq he responded "I still have friends fighting in Iraq and I don't wish them to be in harm's way one minute longer than necessary. A pullout from Iraq now would allow Al Qaeda, who is now in Iraq, a chance to rebuild and plan another attack on the United States".

On his website, , Antenori states: "As a member of Congress, I will use all my knowledge as a Special Forces Soldier who has fought in the war on terror; including my first hand experience hunting down the enemy, my background in military intelligence and my knowledge of complex military operations against an unconventional enemy. I will serve the people of Southern Arizona with the same dedication and veracity that I served my country in combat. I'll ensure our military has the resources it needs to accomplish its mission and the taxpayer's hard earned dollars are properly utilized in the process." Antenori continues: "We need to continue to keep the enemy off balance and deny him opportunity to plan future attacks."

Antenori fought in Afghanistan during Operation Anaconda and in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was awarded two Bronze Stars, the second one was for his valorous actions in the battle of Debeka Pass. He has authored a book about this battle entitled "Roughneck Nine One" which will be released on May 30th. He also fought in Operation Desert Storm.

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