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Antenori Files Candidacy Petitions

Location: Tucson, AZ

Antenori Files Candidacy Petitions

"Our fighting men and women need a voice in Congress"

Tucson, AZ, June 13, 2006 - Frank Antenori filed his candidacy petitions with the Arizona Secretary of State's office in Tucson, Arizona today. This action places him on the Republican primary ballot as a candidate for Congress in Arizona's Eighth Congressional District. Mr. Antenori is one of only two Republican Iraq War Veterans in the entire nation running for Congress in this election cycle. The Primary election is on September 12th.

In the months since he announced his candidacy, Mr. Antenori has been featured in print, radio and television media throughout Southern Arizona as well as national exposure in The Army Times and two appearances on the Fox News Channel. He has spoken to groups large and small about his firsthand experience in the war on terrorism, stopping illegal immigrants and drugs from crossing our Southern Border, and his experience as a paramedic that included working in emergency rooms in some of our country's toughest inner city neighborhoods.

"I am a fiscal conservative, an unabashed true Republican, and one who believes that the Constitution should not be tinkered with. My vision of Congress is that it is ‘The People's House' and I will serve all the people of Arizona's Eighth Congressional District with the same distinction that I served our nation for 20 years in our Armed Forces. Our fighting men and women need a voice in Congress."

"I know my message is connecting with people because I hear from them after every speech, via my website, and when my volunteers go door to door to speak with voters" says Antenori. "People know that the federal government has let them down on the spending issue and on the border that our government is supposed to defend."

The experience he's gained in peacetime and wartime deployments serving military and humanitarian missions in over thirty-four countries in all corners of the world gives him a perspective unmatched by any other candidate in this election on either side of the aisle. He has honed his interpersonal skills dealing across cultural and language barriers to complete assigned missions He has defended our Constitution, defended the oppressed, and worked to improve the lives of countless peoples in America and abroad.

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