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Respectfully Your's... Dina Titus, Nevada State Senator

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Respectfully Your's... Dina Titus, Nevada State Senator

This is why I throw my support behind Dina Titus.

Dear Nevadan,

Hours into the beginning of his candidacy for Governor of Nevada, Henderson Mayor Jim Gibson announced on Jon Ralston's "Face to Face" television program that he would push a state law banning abortion in most cases if Roe v. Wade were overturned.

Here are two of the stories written on the subject:

Las Vegas


There are three key points I want to share with you about this issue and about the future of Nevada:

First, I don't know a single person who supports abortion. Anytime abortion is an option, you know there is always a personal tragedy involved. It is one of the toughest choices a woman can face in her lifetime. It is a choice, however, that is hers to make, along with her family, her doctor, and her God. It should not be Jim Gibson's choice, my choice, nor any Governor's, legislature's or President's choice.
Second, Jim Gibson obviously does not know how the Nevada Constitution works. The voters, by a margin of 2 to 1, passed Question 7 in 1990 which locked in Nevada's abortion rights statute. Essentially mirroring Roe v. Wade, the law cannot be changed without another vote of the people, regardless of what the U.S. Supreme Court rules or any Governor might want to impose.

Third, when the public and the pundits reacted negatively to Jim's desire to impose his will on all Nevadans, he flip flopped on this important issue. His handlers scrambled to "clarify" his position, suggesting he meant something different.

Well, which is it, Mayor Gibson? Where do you stand?

This is not the only issue that Jim Gibson has been intentionally vague on. He declined to answer Chancellor Rogers' questions on education; he declined to comment on TABOR and Prop 13; and he declined my invitation to debate, any time and anywhere, the important issues facing Nevada.

You know me. You know that I stand by my convictions. You know that you'll always get straight talk, not political double talk, from me. My staff's job is to amplify, not clarify, my positions. I'm working hard to earn your support and ask you to remember the words of that famous country song, "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."


Dina Titus, Nevada State Senator

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