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Statement From John Kerry On GAO Report on Special Interests Writing America's Energy Plan

Location: Unknown

August  26,  2003

Investigators have conclusively determined that special interests and wealthy contributors played a decisive role in crafting the Administration's energy policy in 2001.

But instead of yet another veil of secrecy, the people of this country deserve to know which special interest groups met with the White House and wrote this nation's energy policy.  Instead of presiding over another blackout, this time of information the American people have a right to know, it's time finally came clean and released detailed information about who exactly the Administration met with and what they got in return.

As gas prices reach historic levels and nation's energy infrastructure is pushed beyond its limits, the Bush Administration has decided their energy policy will be of the special interests, by the special interests and for the special interests.

Our country would have a comprehensive energy policy with an updated electric grid and on the road to energy independence if this Administration was more concerned about doing what's right for America instead of doing favors for their special interest friends and campaign contributors.

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