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The Greenville Daily News - Huckleberry Ready For Another Run

Location: Greenville, MI

Huckleberry Ready For Another Run

Greenville restaurant owner wants another shot at Congressman Dave Camp


GREENVILLE'-- If at firstyou don't succeed, raise more money and try again.

That's what Greenville Democrat Mike Huckleberry is doing. After an effort that fell short versus u.s. Rep. Dave Camp in 2004, the Greenville restaurateur plans to announce round two, as he once again sets his sights on dislodging the.

,Midland Republican currently serving his eighth consecutive two-year term. Huckleberry will officially
announce his candidacy on Sept. 3 during' a "jobs rally" at 1,Jnited' Auto Workers Local 137 in Greenville. He said jobs and the economy will be "his campaign's maib. issues but is also prepared to debate health care, the environment as 'Yellas Iraq.

"I support our soldiers and their families,"Huckleberry said. "I do not suppprt the false information used to lead ,us into war o~ the rush to war t.hat sent'our sons and daughters to war without proper equipment. Nor do I
support the mismanagement of the war from the beginning:' .

In 2004,Huckleberrylost in all 14 of. the 4th Congressional District's counties, including Montcalm where he grabbed 11,935votes to Camp's 14,000.Jn the end, Camp netted 62 percent to Huckleberry's 30 percent, leaving
the final tally at 204,839 to 110,692.

This time around Huckleberry is hoping to raise more money. In 2004 he came out with $82,000.He said a half million is the magic number for 2006. Ed Wendover, Huckleberry's former campaign manager, said the restaurant owner's 2006 campaign will be even stronger than before.

"He did so much better than anybody thought," Wendover, Huckleberry's former campaign manager said."This is an incredibly better situation. I think they're (Dave Camp and the Republicans) worried."

Huckleberry said he wouldn't be running again if he didn't think he could win. He is counting on better name recognition and a voter backlashto carry him to victory.

"None of the issues have' changed,"he said.

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