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Governor Huntsman Urges Energy Conservancy

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Governor Huntsman Urges Energy Conservancy

Salt Lake City - Governor Jon Huntsman called on state agencies and Utahns alike to conserve energy Tuesday as the western United States faces record temperatures and power demand.

Power facilities are on the brink of requiring a "Red Alert" day. Southern Utah has been on yellow alerts the entire month of July. The Wasatch Front has been on yellow alerts since mid-July. Yellow alerts denote a need for moderate conservation.

"This is a time where energy consumption has grown significantly and is currently placing great strain on our limited capacity. We all need to do our part," Governor Huntsman said. "Our State is experiencing an unprecedented period of population growth and increased economic activity. Our power production capabilities are being stressed like never before. Every citizen needs to be thinking about ways to better conserve energy."

In addition to the PowerForward conservation efforts espoused in the Governor's May Executive Order, Governor Huntsman has directed all state agencies to make the following conservation efforts until Friday:

* Increase thermostats to 78 degrees, essential for high conservation
* Turn off all unnecessary lights
* Turn off all unnecessary electrical appliances, especially computers
* Be especially aware of power use in peak times, between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.

"It is important for us to realize the impact of all of the ways we use electricity, for example leaving our computers on day and night is the same as leaving on lights in our houses," said Dr. Laura Nelson, energy advisor to the Governor. "Increased awareness will help us to conserve energy for when we really need it most."

After Friday, Governor Huntsman asked everyone to keep their thermostats at 76 degrees for moderate conservation and continue other power-saving efforts.

Rocky Mountain Power said if all of its customers with air conditioners increased the thermostat temperature by 5 degrees it would decrease the load demand by 200 megawatts. That is enough to supply power to 200,000 homes.

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