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It's Time For Real Immigration Reform

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It's Time For Real Immigration Reform

Posted by Claire
06:30 PM May 26, 2006

Yesterday's immigration bill was another example of what's wrong in Washington. Playing election-year politics has a higher priority than the security of our nation and that's just plain wrong.

After years of inaction from the President, the Republican Congress, and Jim Talent, our borders have become Swiss cheese and employers have been permitted to hire millions of illegal immigrants with impunity. The Senate had a genuine opportunity to address our illegal immigration problem. Instead, they caved-in to business interests and passed legislation that includes a guest-worker plan that will undermine American jobs by creating an endless supply of cheap labor. Because the guest-worker plan was included, there is little hope we'll get the House and Senate to agree on a compromise, and as a result, our border security is still at risk.

I believe the first step in fixing our illegal immigration problem is through adequate border security. As a former prosecutor, I believe people who break our laws should pay the price, both illegal immigrants and the employers who exploit them for cheap labor. As your Senator, I will do the right thing by fighting to strengthen our borders and protect our jobs.

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