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It's Time To Crack Down On Illegal Employers

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It's Time To Crack Down On Illegal Employers

Posted by Claire
07:00 PM Jun 20, 2006

Last week in Springfield, I held a press conference highlighting Jim Talent's support of amnesty for employers who give American jobs to illegal immigrants. Despite his tough election-year talk on illegal immigration, Jim Talent's record shows that he has turned a blind eye to illegal immigration enforcement, allowing our borders to become Swiss cheese and our immigration laws to become meaningless. It's no surprise then why he is listed as the number one Senator to fund by five major agriculture corporations with ties to hiring illegal workers.

Unlike Jim Talent, I will hold Washington accountable for its utter failure to attack the problem at the source -- a true crack down on the corporations that employ these workers for cheap labor. These jobs are the magnet that attracts illegal immigrants. Aggressive enforcement of employers who are cheating will be the most effective and efficient way to stop illegal immigration.

Jim Talent's record shows clearly who he is fighting for in Washington - the companies that are fueling the immigration crisis. It's no surprise that despite all of his tough rhetoric, Senator Talent has been silent on tougher employer sanctions after taking such large campaign contributions from corporations that have been cited or even prosecuted for illegal immigration violations.

That's why I'm running for U.S. Senate. It's time for Missouri to have a Senator on our side.

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