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Amid $3.09/Gallon Gas, McCaskill Unveils Energy Plan

Location: St. Louis, MO

Amid $3.09/Gallon Gas, McCaskill Unveils Energy Plan

July 19, 2006

McCaskill States American Energy Independence Is Crucial to U.S. National Security

ST. LOUIS -- U.S. Senate Candidate Claire McCaskill is traveling to Fenton, Cape Girardeau, New Madrid, Macon, Columbia, Osage Beach, Marshall, Kansas City, and Nevada July 19th through 21st. Listening to consumers who are unable to afford the gas to take family vacations, commute to work or fill up their tractors, McCaskill is unveiling her plan to bring down the price of gas at the pump and end our dependence on Middle Eastern oil.

"My plan is simple. If we're going to be rid of our reliance on Middle Eastern oil and if we're going to kick our addiction to oil, we need to invest in renewable energy sources, like ethanol, biomass, wind and solar energy, for our national security interests and for our economic security interests," McCaskill said.

As the conflict in the Middle East escalates, consumers are seeing a steep rise in gas prices, currently as high as $3.09 per gallon ( This illustrates how America 's dependence on Middle Eastern oil is affected by volatility in the region. Although most Americans accept this correlation, consumers do not have the benefit of price transparency to ensure that the rise in gas prices isn't due to the refineries gouging them at pump under the guise of Middle Eastern unrest.

"I believe that it is our obligation to protect American consumers from market manipulation," McCaskill said. "I firmly support price transparency so that we can see where along the line of supply and demand these prices are making the jump. I will not stand for the big oil companies, who are already making record profits, gouging our families at the pump."

America 's dependence on foreign oil has put our national security at risk. Our addiction to oil in general could potentially put our economy at risk. McCaskill strongly believes that a real investment in ethanol, alternative fuels and developing technologies is critical to making America energy independent. Senator Jim Talent's recent claims of being supportive of ethanol appears to be an election year switch, since most of his early votes were against funding and supporting ethanol production. Talent also voted for the energy bill that put big oil ahead of renewable energy.

"Last year's energy bill was an unfortunate reflection of the priorities of this Congress and Bush administration," McCaskill said. "In the past year, they gave big oil $14 billion. The energy bill gave the steak dinner to big oil companies and the saltine crackers to renewables. It should have been the other way around."

Additionally, McCaskill believes the energy bill didn't go far enough to provide tax incentives to develop other renewable sources of energy, such as wind, solar and biomass, increase energy efficiency technologies, and encourage better fuel economy standards. McCaskill supports creating a Renewable Energy Standard that calls for 10% of our electricity to come from renewable sources by 2020.

McCaskill would support working with the auto industry to increase production of efficient cars and trucks through incentives. She also supports offering consumers tax credits to encourage the purchase of these vehicles and helping to create new markets by using the government's purchasing power to convert government fleets to efficient vehicles.

McCaskill believes that tax breaks to big oil companies, already making record profits, should be repealed and instead used to invest in alternative energy. She believes that the true path to energy independence is by putting the full support of the country behind the development of renewable energy and energy efficient technologies, while further investing in research into coal liquefaction, which would take the abundant supply of coal reserves and convert it into synthetic fuels.

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