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Kerry: Bush Chooses Special Interests Over the Public Interest On Power Plants

Location: Washington, DC

Decision Weakens Power Plant Pollution Protections, Endangers Public Health, Repays Campaign Contributors

August  22,  2003
Washington, DC -

George Bush has given our biggest polluters a 'get out of jail free' card, stripped away the last pretense of corporate responsibility, and is allowing America's environmental agenda to be driven by greed. His decision to let our nation's dirtiest power plants pump hundreds of thousands of tons of toxics into our air is the most shameful and brazen giveaway to special interests we've witnessed on this President's watch. He's repaying his campaign contributors, caving in to the lobbyists who wrote Dick Cheney's energy plan, and now he's passing on the cost to America's families. The result will be dirtier air, more childhood asthma and an increase in respiratory disease.

The President has literally pulled the rug out from under every Governor's efforts to curb air pollution and he's penalizing families in the Northeast victimized by cross state air pollution. Pollution from power plants in the Midwest pours down as acid rain on New Hampshire and across New England. The President's own scientists admit that two-thirds of Americans have an increased risk of cancer from toxic pollutants, including mercury emissions from power plants.  But when push comes to shove, this Administration takes the side of polluters over the public health of millions of Americans. We don't just need a new EPA Administrator, we need a new President who will keep his promise to protect clean air and we need to get rid of the biggest say one thing and do another President we've ever seen.

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