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Kerry Statement on the UN Headquarters Bombing in Iraq

Location: Unknown

August  22,  2003

I am saddened by the tragic bombing today of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad, the death of Sergio Vieira de Mello, the UN Commissioner for Human Rights and the other innocent men and women killed this morning.  This unthinkable violence is outrageous and those behind it must be brought to justice.

Today's deadly attack also underscores the need for the Administration to quickly reassess the situation in Iraq.  It is becoming increasingly clear each day that the Administration misread the situation on the ground in Iraq and lacks an adequate plan to win the peace and protect our troops.

We must immediately and thoroughly review the security situation in Iraq, accelerate the training programs for indigenous Iraqi military and police security forces to protect those already working in Iraq and we must move quickly to add more international troops in Iraq through an expanded United Nations Security Council mandate.

It is imperative that the Administration take these critical steps quickly in order to ensure a free and secure Iraq.

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