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John Kerry says America's Power Grid is 'Outdated, Overworked and Vulnerable'

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John Kerry says America's Power Grid is "Outdated, Overworked and Vulnerable"

Calls on President to Drop Plans to Reward Big Oil and Instead Focus

August  22,  2003

The blackouts in the Northeast are a chilling reminder that this country needs a new energy policy for the 21st century.  Our grid is outdated, overworked, and vulnerable both to serious malfunctions like we saw yesterday, and, even more disturbing, to a terrorist attack. 

Our first priority needs to be to care of the 50 million Americans who have lost their power, and particularly our hospitals, the elderly and others for whom this breakdown is the most threatening.  We need to find out how this happened and fix it; and we need to make sure the same thing doesn't happen again.

These blackouts also expose some of the failures of this Administration's energy policies.   If it weren't for this Administration's obsession with giveaways to their friends in the oil business, Congress likely would have passed an energy bill last year, parts of which were designed to strengthen and modernize the electric grid.  This Administration has not put a priority on aggressive energy conservation and efficiency programs can reduce the burden on our power grids and improve their function without hurting consumers. 

As President, my energy policy will not just benefit big oil companies, but will be a comprehensive plan that helps all of the American people. I have laid out a detailed and forward-looking energy plan, which includes a goal of producing twenty percent of all our electricity from renewable sources by 2020. It also helps gives incentives to help upgrade existing infrastructure and modernize energy. My plan would create 500,000 jobs over the next ten years and eliminate our dependence on Middle East oil.

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