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About Robb


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About Robb

I was born in Overland, MO where I attended Mt. Pleasant, Christian Academy of Greater St. Louis, and Visual And Performing Arts Magnet School. After VPA, I attended Abilene Christian University, North Texas State University, Webster College and William Paterson College in New Jersey with Music-Business as my Major.

I was interested in politics and psychology very young and actually looked at music as more of a tool to get into politics then. Davy Crockett was a type of hero to me with his very American vision and fight for the common man. As a teenager I had given up hope of anyone being able to make a difference and was disillusioned with the political atmosphere.

I focused completely on Jazz which became incredibly spiritual to me. The first time I voted was in 1992, after the first Iraqi war, for "Slick Willy" when I noticed a name on the ballet I had never heard of. I couldn't believe someone was running for President that I had never been made aware of! That was the first time I had ever learned of the Libertarian Party. I worked on cruise ships and was on the road so I must admit finding Libertarians then was a difficult task. I began investigating and gradually found websites that informed me of the Libertarian views and their founding. It was almost as if someone had plucked my brain and put a platform together from my forethought. Election night of 2002 I met my first Libertarians, Tamara Millay, Tom Knapp and others. I then became an official member soon after.

I met Mike Badnarik who was a big influence on me especially with his views on Education and the IRS. Judge James P. Gray influenced me on views about drug laws with detailed explanations of why they have failed. I recommend his book
to everyone ( Since the war in Iraq the Libertarian Party has filled another passion I believe for America.

The only purpose of War is to defend American soil on American soil.

Robb E Cunningham
PO 102
Saint Ann, MO 63074

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