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Gulf of Mexico Security Act of 2006--Continued

Location: Washington, DC

GULF OF MEXICO SECURITY ACT OF 2006--Continued -- (Senate - August 01, 2006)


Mr. McCONNELL. Mr. President, I wish to take a moment to congratulate the Senate in advance of a vote at 5 o'clock which is going to demonstrate the Senate at its best--a bipartisan accomplishment of extraordinary importance, particularly to the area of the country that the occupant of the chair represents. I know Senator Vitter has for many years wanted to achieve something related to the gulf coast deepwater exploration issue that would benefit his State. We are on the verge of having that remarkable success.

Particular kudos to Senator Domenici, the chairman of the Energy Committee, who was absolutely indispensable in pulling together the various elements that did come together for this bipartisan accomplishment; Senator Mel Martinez of Florida, who protected the coastline of his State while still helping to lead the way in a direction that allowed this compromise to go forward; Senator Landrieu for delivering a significant number of Democrats who were, of course, needed in order to make this a bipartisan proposal; and to all of the Gulf Coast States as well as all the other Senators whose States will indeed benefit from the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

As I said, this is the Senate at its finest. I congratulate all those who have been integral parts of bringing about this important bipartisan achievement.

I yield the floor.

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