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Dan Malloy And George Wilber Visit Freund's Farm Market And Share Ideas About Supporting Area Business And Environment

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Dan Malloy And George Wilber Visit Freund's Farm Market And Share Ideas About Supporting Area Business And Environment

Category: On the Road

Democratic candidate for governor visits East Canaan and talks "green"

To celebrate Earth Day, Democratic candidate for Governor Dan Malloy traveled to East Canaan Sunday to meet with State Representative George Wilber and supporters to discuss his vision for a cleaner environment and hear about the environmental concerns in the community.

Standing in the greenhouse of the Fruend's Farm Market and Bakery on Route 44 in East Canaan, Malloy and Wilber met with the owners Matthew, Ben and Theresa Freund to talk about his accomplishments on environmental issues as mayor and his plans for the state when he is governor. "As Stamford's mayor I am proud to have made my city a national leader in environmental protection by being an early advocate of innovative policies. As governor, I will continue to work to find the next generation of new, innovative environmental policies," said Malloy.

One example of such innovation is Fruend Farm's emerging "green" business called "Cow Pots". Matthew Fruend, described the new product for gardeners as an environmentally friendly way to remove nutrients off farms and deliver them to the city. "Basically the cows provide the raw materials and the energy to produce it. The pots are attractive, clean, odorless, nutrient rich, biodegradable and environmentally friendly."

"This is the kind of industry that deserves the state's support," said Malloy. "Conserving energy for the benefit of the environment is more than laudable, it is smart business. This new business will create jobs in the area, reduce plastic and bulk waste in our landfills and aid farmers. It is attractive to consumers and is an alternative revenue stream for the state. It's a win-win situation for everyone."

Speaking to supporters, Wilber said, "It was great to have Dan Malloy visit one of Connecticut's outstanding agriculture enterprises and it was remarkable to see the correlation of what he has accomplished in Stamford as mayor and the accomplishment of the Freund's in the agricultural business. They have a common thread. Dan's willingness to listen and learn is essential and is one of the qualities that make him an outstanding candidate for governor."

Malloy recently called for a series of initiatives, including supporting Connecticut becoming a global leader in the development of alternate energy sources, including fuel cells; promoting Smart Growth development to preserve open space and farmland; increasing energy conservation; stepped up enforcement of environmental regulations; and the development of a multi-modal transportation plan which will improve air quality and reduce congestion.

"For far too long, people have said you can either grow the economy or protect the environment. I strongly reject that argument because it's a false choice - these two goals are not mutually exclusive. If you're committed to doing both and if you're willing to think outside the box in a creative, innovative, thoughtful fashion, then both can be achieved. Connecticut deserves a governor who recognizes that we must both foster economic development and protect the environment. That's a commitment I've lived up to as Mayor, and one I'll continue as Governor."

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