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Do-Less-Than-Do-Nothing Congress Leaves Again Without Addressing America's Priorities

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PALLONE. Mr. Speaker, as the Republicans prepare to leave on a 5-week vacation, this Congress is best described as the ``do-less-than-do-nothing Congress.''

Despite the fact that the minimum wage has not been increased in 9 years, House Republicans refuse to allow a clean vote on the minimum wage, which will prevent 6 million Americans from receiving a much needed pay raise. If Republicans were really interested in raising the minimum wage, they wouldn't attach it to bills they know will never be signed into law.

And despite the fact that Republicans have been critical of border security, they continue to refuse to come to the negotiating table so that we can pass a comprehensive immigration and border security bill into law this year.

And despite the fact that gas prices are once again at record highs, House Republicans have yet to pass a tough price gouging bill into law, and refuse to join us in repealing $20 billion in tax breaks and subsidies to their friends in Big Oil.

Mr. Speaker, the American people have every reason to be disgusted with this House. It is time we take America in a new direction. The American people want a Congress that works for them.

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