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Hire a Veteran Week

Location: Washington, DC



Mr. BRADLEY of New Hampshire. Madam Speaker, this resolution calls upon the President to establish a national Hire a Veteran Week.

No group in America deserves special employment opportunity more than our Nation's veterans. These men and women have volunteered to put themselves in harm's way to preserve the Nation's way of life and economic system. They serve on every continent, in hundreds of occupations, in remote locations, and in the toughest of combat conditions. They answer the Nation's call to duty, asking in return only our support and our thanks.

Veterans are one of the most diverse communities in America, with significant representation from all major ethnic and socioeconomic groups. Today's veterans bring a solid work ethic, understand the chain of command, are accustomed to working within a system, are highly motivated, and are comfortable with technology. Hiring a veteran to fill a good-paying job is an important way to say thank you for your service and brings a quality employee to the workforce.

Madam Speaker, this bill was jointly referred to the Committee on Armed Services which waived consideration of the bill. I would like to thank Chairman Buyer, chairman of the full committee, Acting Ranking Member Filner, Ranking Member Evans, Chairman Hunter, and Ranking Member Skelton for their help in moving this resolution to the floor. I would also like to commend my colleague from Colorado (Mr. Salazar) for his work on this bill, and thank Mr. Holt of New Jersey for introducing this resolution.

Madam Speaker, I reserve the balance of my time.


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