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Graves Speaks on House Floor in Support of Marriage Protection Amendment

Location: Washington, DC


Today, U.S. Congressman Sam Graves spoke on the House floor in support of the Marriage Protection Amendment, legislation defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman in the U.S. Constitution. This bipartisan measure gained the support of 236 lawmakers in the U.S. House.

"Unfortunately, the sacred institution of marriage and the will of the American people are under direct assault by an out of control judiciary branch," said Congressman Graves on the House floor earlier today. "Radical judges on the Supreme Court of Massachusetts have already imposed same-sex marriage on unwilling citizens in that commonwealth, and I fear that activist state and federal judges will soon impose same-sex marriage upon other jurisdictions across our nation."

The Marriage Protection Amendment states that marriage in the United States consists of the union of male and female. The bill text is drafted to ensure that the democratic process at the state level will decide the allocation of the benefits and privileges traditionally associated with marriage, not unelected activist judges. Congressman Graves is one of the bill's 134 bipartisan co-sponsors.

"Today's vote shows that members of Congress from both parties recognize the importance of preserving our nation's tradition of marriage," said Graves. "Passing a constitutional amendment is a daunting task, but protecting the socially indispensable institution of marriage requires it. I am extremely concerned about how activists use the courts to legislate on something that has been a settled issue in American law for more than 200 years."

Because this legislation would amend the Constitution, it requires more than a simple majority of the House to pass, it requires two-thirds of the votes. The final bipartisan, vote was 236-187.

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