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Reproductive Rights And Family Planning

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Reproductive Rights And Family Planning

In my political life -- both as a State Representative in Colorado and as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives -- I have consistently supported reproductive rights and family planning. I believe abortion services in the U.S. must be safe, legal, accessible and most importantly rare. I support expanded access to family planning services because I believe effective family planning reduces the number of unwanted pregnancies. I also support efforts to improve the range of safe and effective contraceptive technologies and to make them legal in the U.S. Finally, I believe we must make family planning services accessible to all women by reauthorizing Title X and covering these services under Medicaid.

In the 107th - 109th Congress, I have supported efforts to increase funding for Title X programs and for international family planning programs. I've supported efforts to remove the "global gag rule" that restricts the free speech of foreign non-governmental organizations receiving funds from the U.S. Agency of International Development. In the 108th Congress there have been many efforts to chip away at women's reproductive rights which I have continued to fight. I opposed the so-called "Partial-Birth" abortion ban ( H.R. 760) because it did not provide an exemption when the mother's health was at risk. This ban has been ruled unconstitutional on more than one occasion. I also fought to reverse a decision by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which prohibits the sale of emergency contraction (Plan B) over-the-counter because I believed the decision was based on political ideology rather than scientific fact. I have also supported the Equity in Prescription Insurance and Contraceptive Coverage Act which requires health insurers to provide coverage of the five FDA-approved contraceptives and devices as well as outpatient contraceptive services without discrimination of coverage or health insurance costs.

I believe every woman in America must have the fundamental right to control her own health care and reproductive choices. I will continue to work to preserve that right.

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