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Scott Tipton's Plan For Common Sense Immigration Reform

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Scott Tipton's Plan For Common Sense Immigration Reform

o Border Security
+ We must provide additional resources to protect our Southern Border including increasing funding for Border Patrol personnel and surveillance equipment.
+ We must build a security wall along our southern border to stop the flood of illegal immigration, curb the flow of illegal drugs, and protect our country from those who intend to commit acts of terror. Due to the high financial cost, the first phase of the wall should be built in urban and high traffic areas along the southern border, reinforced with electronic surveillance equipment.
+ The National Guard should be deployed along the southern border to conduct exercises to further create a deterrent effect.

o Tightening, Enforcing and Overhauling our Current Laws
# The federal government will have a no tolerance policy on all sanctuary cities.
# The federal government will increase penalties on those convicted of human trafficking.
# The federal government will establish a clearing house to provide employers instant, immediate access to verify an employee's status.
# Once established, businesses found guilty of knowingly breaking the law will face stiff penalties.
# In order to prevent states like California from granting driving licenses to illegal immigrants that we will have to honor in Colorado, federal law will make such drivers licenses illegal

o Guest Worker Program
# We will not provide amnesty for Illegal Immigrants
# In order to satisfy the labor needs of agriculture, tourism, construction, and many other key industries, we must establish a guest worker program.
# It is essential that people currently in this country illegally return home to their country of origin to apply to come to the United States legally.
# An agency will be established to receive help wanted requests from American employers and match them up with applicants.
# The Guest Worker visas will allow a temporary stay of anywhere between 6 months and 3 years.
# No applicants will be admitted who have criminal records.
# Any Guest Worker convicted of a felony will be promptly deported.
# Guest workers will pay full taxes but will not be eligible to recieve social security benefits, unemployment, or Medicare.

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