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Tipton Unviels Immigration Plan

Location: Cortez, CO

Tipton Unviels Immigration Plan

"It is past time we come up with a viable solution to our Illegal Immigration problem."

Cortez -- Third Congressional District Republican Candidate Scott Tipton rolled out his plan on immigration Thursday, saying "On an issue as important as immigration, the Third Congressional District deserves leadership. We need someone who postures less and performs more in Washington."

The Tipton plan begins with an aggressive approach to border security. "If we cannot control our porous borders, all other attempts to solve this problem are meaningless," said Tipton. Tipton supports placing a security wall along urban and high traffic border areas of our southern border. This would be reinforced by an increase in border patrol agents and electronic surveillance along the areas that the wall would not cover. "In a perfect world, I would support building the entire fence immediately. However, the staggering cost of such a wall concerns me as a fiscal conservative. I believe we should first build the wall in the areas most susceptible to intrusion, reinforcing it with an increase in border patrol agents and electronic surveillance. If that does not solve the problem, expansion of the wall needs to be seriously considered." Tipton also supports sending our National Guard to the border to conduct training maneuvers. "It makes no sense to have the National Guard training somewhere in the Midwest when the could be doing the same thing along our southern border, adding a major deterrent to those who wish to come here illegally, smuggle illegal drugs into our nation or bring in a weapon of mass destruction to do us harm."

The second portion of the Tipton plan consists of tightening, enforcing, and overhauling our current immigration laws. Tipton's plan calls for increasing penalties on human smugglers caught taking advantage of illegal immigrants. Under Tipton's proposal, there will also be a zero tolerance policy for sanctuary cities, with the federal government working hand in hand with the state government to force these cities to enforce the law. The Tipton plan also calls for a new federal clearing house that would allow employers to verify social security numbers and citizenship status for all the employees they hire. After this clearing house is up and running, any employer caught failing to use this system and knowingly breaking the law will be fined.

The third portion of the Tipton plan involves a Guest Worker program that does not grant blanket amnesty but ensures labor supply needs are met. "While visiting with farmers, ranchers, contractors, and folks in the service industry across the Third District, they tell me they want to make sure they can fill the jobs they need to make the Third Congressional District economy productive. They want to do it legally. They want to do it ethically. But they know there must be a mechanism in place to fill those jobs," said Tipton. The Tipton plan would create a guest worker program, but not blanket amnesty, that would create an agency within the ICE to match employers looking for help with guest workers wishing to come to American to fill certain jobs. However, the Tipton plan requires illegal immigrants to return to their country of origin to apply to return to America. "Amnesty is unacceptable. In Kindergarten, we are taught to not cut in line. That child-like logic should apply to our national immigration policy. Immigrants need to obey our laws. By allowing anyone who came here illegally to stay, we would be rewarding law breaking and jeopardizing the success of this program," said Tipton. The guest workers would be allowed to stay between 3 months and 3 years, so long as they continue their work with the business who brought them in. No guest workers visas will be granted to known felons. Any guest worker convicted of a felony will be deported. The Tipton plan also calls for creating a federal law prohibiting the issuance of state driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Said Tipton, "I will not stand by while California allows illegal immigrants to possess driver's licenses that we must honor in Colorado." The Tipton plan also supports a ban on providing on all non-emergency services to illegal immigrants.

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