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Miller: Natural Disasters Shouldn't Demolish Second Amendment

Location: Washington, DC


Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL-01) maintained his solid stance on the Second Amendment today as he voted to support H.R. 5013, the Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act. This bill would prohibit federal officials, or state and local officials under federal control, from seizing firearms or restricting firearms possession, except in the circumstances allowed by federal, state or local law.

"I believe it is important recognize that criminals, not guns, are the root cause of crime and violence in America," stated Miller. "As we saw last year with Hurricane Katrina, when natural disasters occur, chaos ensues. Unfortunately, there are people in this country who would take advantage of these times of tragedy and crisis to loot, rob, rape, and even murder. It is imperative that American's are able to protect themselves, their property, and their families in times of instability."

The legislation passed the House floor Tuesday afternoon. It will now move to the Senate for a vote.

"Firearms are a means of self protection in times of civil disorder," said Miller. "It is not for the government to take away innocent citizens' Second Amendment right, especially in times of crisis."

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