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Statement of Gov. Rick Perry Regarding Motion Filed With Texas Supreme Court

Location: Unknown

"Today, I joined Lt. Governor David Dewhurst in a move designed to resume work on the critical issues facing our state. The people of Texas should know that this decision was a difficult one, but one that's now necessary because of the refusal of 11 senators to fulfill their legislative responsibilities. This action is an attempt to protect our constitution and prevent a handful of legislators from misusing Senate rules to bring government to a halt.

"The most recent walkout by senators to Albuquerque - and the work stoppage by House members who fled to Ardmore in May - illustrates the potential for a constitutional crisis whenever a minority number of legislators refuses to participate in the process on issues where they lack the votes to succeed.

"Unless the legal system stops this kind of constitutional abuse, the democratic process is jeopardized at every turn on every issue. If the Supreme Court does not intervene, nothing will stop a handful of legislators from halting a vote on any difficult issue, such as school finance.

"Two legislative walkouts in the last four months have left no alternative but to ask the court to intervene. I believe it is critical to the future of our democratic process that the Texas Supreme Court offers its ruling on this constitutional crisis. Without a legal resolution, this constitutional abuse will be used in the future to again bring our government to a halt.

"I have no doubt that the people of Texas will see that the state leadership was compelled to take this step, but there is still an opportunity to resolve this issue outside the courtroom. Just as millions of Texans do every day, I again urge the 11 Senate members to show up for work. Return to Texas so that together we can address the pressing issues of our state."

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