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National Security

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, you know, we are seeing it on the front page of Roll Call today, talking about the security message, where the leadership in this House has been focused for a long time now.

We know that national security is securing this country, making an aggressive move in the war on terror, being sure that we support our troops, making sure that we have a Nation that is safe, where we can live, where we can work, go to school, go to our businesses, have secure communities and be secure in our American hopes and dreams.

We also know that a key component of this national security agenda is border security, and I commend the House leadership for staying focused on securing the border first.

It is an imperative for us, Mr. Speaker. We have to stop illegal entry into this country. Illegal entry has turned every State into a border State, every town into a border town, and the people of this Nation know that it will not change until we secure our border.

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