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Illegal Entry

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, today I rise to invite the Senate to join the House in debating how we are going to address illegal entry into this country. We are hearing from our colleagues today reporting back on the hearings that we are holding around the country, talking with sheriffs, talking with Border Patrol, talking to people on the ground.

We are hearing the same thing: stop illegal crossings. It is time. Get this problem under control.

Mr. Speaker, in this environment every State is a border State and every town is a border town. Meanwhile, the other body holds hearings talking about everything under the sun related to immigration except the actual process by which people come into this country illegally.

Until our colleagues across the Capitol are willing to admit illegal entry is the problem, we are going to continue seeing a debate that goes nowhere. We should address the problem. Illegal entry is the biggest problem, and then take on the next angle of the issue, and do it in an orderly process.

That is what our House leadership is saying, and they are right on the issue.

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